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People Business Partner – People Business Partner Team

Moin folks,

my name is Davide and I joined enfore in summer 2019. As I’ve always wanted to be part of an idea, a vision, a mission even - I immediately fancied the concept of my momentum being able to contribute to something of such great value.

Having mastered in psychology and specialised in suitability diagnostics, I knew this would be the right place to bring in my talent and experience in finding brilliant people, enthusiastic for the same cause and thereby become a significant part of the enfore success story myself.

Whether it’s a product vision that just feels right and makes me want to work harder so I can create an impact on the lives of all those who keep giving me fond memories every day - from my favourite restaurant or bar in Sternschanze to the whole food shop or family bakery around the corner. Seeing one of our products supporting their day-to-day work, just makes me feel really proud. 

Or having a team of brilliant people around me - colleagues I can rely on and share my motivation to work here. Even though our average work intensity is certainly above average, it simply fills me up to do something of great value every day and I hope I can soon share that with you, as well.

Some of my colleagues